Prayer Challenge - Week 1

This week we will be reading various passages about prayer. In addition to reading God's word we will also be participating in one of my favorite prayer exercises: "Praying in Color". If you were around last summer we did this exercise.

Here's how "Praying in Color" works. Each day there will be a color of the day. Whenever, wherever, and as often as you see that color stop and say a quick prayer about the target for the day. For example, on Monday the color is red and the target is your family. So, anytime you see the color red say a prayer for your family (it can be for different family member each time, or you can pray for everyone). Each day has a new target and a new color. If you want you can try to keep praying for the old colors/targets or just focus on the new color/target for the day. This exercise helps us find new opportunities to pray and to become a natural reminder of prayer. 

For this week, the passage you'll read will be short. If possible, start your day by reading the passage. Let God's word teach you more about prayer. 

Here's the specific run-down of what we will be doing each day.

    • Sunday, February 11

      • Passage: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-19

      • Assignment: In your journal, write down a Prayer list. You can pray for stuff in yourself, your family, your friends, strangers, anyone. Just make a list of things you'd like to pray about. This is helpful so that you know what to pray for in the future and it's cool to look back on and see how God answered your prayers.

    • Monday, Feb 12

      • Passage: Philippians 4:6

      • Color: Red - Target: your Family

    • Tuesday, Feb 13

      • Passage: Ephesians 6:18-19

      • Color: Blue - Target: your Friends

    • Wednesday, Feb 14  

      • Passage: Luke 18:9-14

      • Color: Yellow/Gold - Target: your Church

    • Thursday, Feb 15

      • Passage: Matthew 7:7-11

      • Color: Green - Target: your future/God’s will

    • Friday, Feb 16

      • Passage: Matthew 5:43-44

      • Color: Black - Target: your enemies

    • Saturday, Feb 17

      • Passage: Romans 8:26-27

      • In your journal write down a full prayer to God. (so write out "dear God" at the beginning and "In Jesus name I pray, amen" at the end) Pray about whatever comes to mind, but take the time to write it down in your journal. Many people find writing out their prayers to be very helpful. As we'll see next week, many of the psalms are written prayers. 

Don't forget to encourage one another throughout this process. Share your prayer journey with your friends. Talk about the colors you are praying for. If you think about it, wear the color of the day so that you can remind your friends to be praying, too!