Prayer Challenge - Week 2

Great job last week praying the colors. I heard some really cool stories coming out of that. I hope you're beginning to see how easy it is to say quick prayers and how big of an influence it can have on your life. 

By the way, we just finished week 1 of our prayer challenge. We're going to be focusing on prayer for a total of 3 weeks. So we're starting week 2 now. We'll be doing different exercises each week. 

This week we're going to shift gears and start focusing on prayers that deal with reflection. So, we'll be reading a passage of scripture in the morning (we'll actually read the same passage a couple of days in a row), be thinking about that scripture throughout the day, and in the evening we will spend time with God in a prayer of reflection. 

Here's what I mean by "prayer of reflection". I think this works best either in bed before you fall asleep, or before you get into bed (if you're like me and fall asleep like instantly it's bad to start this when you're already in the bed), but are pretty much at the end of your day. Spend a few moments with God telling him about your entire day. Talk to him as if you were talking to your best friend filling him in on the details of your life. Naturally, God already knows what happened in your life. What makes this prayer different from just catching up with a friend is this, as you're telling the story of your day be aware of your attitudes and actions from your day that weren't what God wants for you (times you gossiped, times you were jealous, times you yelled at your parents). Also, talk to God about the opportunities you used well to glorify God in your life through Christ-like attitudes and actions. Take your whole day to God. This isn't an exercise that's supposed to make us feel guilty about everything in our day. instead, it's supposed to help us be mindful of how we're living and to help us have an open conversation with God about our mistakes and successes. Remember, God loves you! He wants to forgive you! He doesn't want anything coming in between his relationship with you! 

If you want, you're welcome to write about your day in your journal as well. That might help you organize your thoughts a bit better. 

So, everyday this week we'll be ending our day with a prayer of reflection.  Here is the listing of scripture we'll be reading to start the day: 

  • Sunday, February 18th - Read Psalm 139: 23-24
  • Monday, February 19th - Read Psalm 51.
  • Tuesday, February 20th - Read Psalm 51 again. 
  • Wednesday, February 21st - Read Psalm 51 a third time. If you are able, write this psalm in your own words. Ask for help if you need to! 
  • Thursday, February 22nd - Read Psalm 32:1-7
  • Friday, February 23rd - Read Psalm 63
  • Saturday, February 24th - Read Psalm 139. Record in your journal what this week's experience was like for you. 

You guys can do this! I'm so proud of you. Y'all are developing habits that will change your life. Just like physical exercise, you "feel the burn" right after you start working, but it takes time for you to really see changes in your life that are lasting. I know these exercises take time from your already busy days, but as you keep doing them, you'll see growth in some mighty ways. 

Let me know if you need any help!