Prayer Challenge Coming Soon!

Hey Growth Challenge participants! On Sunday, February 11th, we'll be starting a new challenge on prayer. Very soon, I'll be posting the details of that challenge.  It'll be both reading bible passages about prayer and also some tips and exercises in prayer to try. 

If you just recently joined, here's what you need to know:

This website: has all the details for what we're doing. I'll text you reminders throughout the challenge, but you can always come back to this page to get the full information. 

Also, if you're new, feel free to read the past posts of the stuff you've missed. Always feel free to try the older challenges, too.

This is for everyone. If you haven't yet, get a journal of some sort! Whether you use a composition notebook, a fancy moleskin notebook, or an app like evernote, just be prepared to have a journal to write in. It's an important part of the process!