The Gospel of Luke - Week 1 (April 1-7)

This week, we're getting started with the book of Luke! Grab your journal and your bible and get to work! Every day this week, I'll send you a text with the passage for the today and Question to consider. Here'a preview of what I'll be sending your way this week:

  • Sunday, April 1 - Luke 1:1-38 Q: Mary was completely willing to follow God's plan for her life. How can you be more like her?
  • Monday, April 2 - Luke 1:39-66 Q: Mary praised God for how he was at work in her life. What would you say in your praise song to God?
  • Tuesday, April 3 - Luke 1:67-2:52 Q: What do you think v52 means? How can you do the same?
    • Bonus: Why did Jesus come to earth as a human? Have you been born again? 
  • Wednesday, April 4- Luke 3:1-4:13 Q: How can you follow Jesus' example in resisting those temptations?
    • Bonus: Why was Jesus baptized?
  • Thursday, April 5 - Luke 4:14-5:11 Q: Where is Jesus asking you to follow him? What must you give up to follow him? (Lk 5:11)
  • Friday, April 6 - Luke 5:12-39 Read 6:31-32 again. Examine yourself. Are you healthy or sick? Are you ready to get better?
  • Saturday, April 7 - Luke 6:1-36 Q: To you, what's the hardest teaching Jesus gives in this passage?

Keep going guys! You can do this!