Let's Take a Break! (from the texts...not God...)

Great job these past few weeks, guys! I really hope it's been helpful for you. I hope the way you pray has been challenged these last 3 weeks. All of us are works in progress, hopefully we've made some big progress. 

We've been going full-speed ahead for a few weeks now. I think it's time for us to take a break from me sending you reminders. So for the next two weeks (this week of school, then spring break) I won't be sending you daily assignments. 

We won't have any official challenge we'll be working on as a group. However, please don't stop thinking about your spiritual growth. Here are some ideas of things you can decide to do on your own during these next few weeks:

  1. Repeat past challenges - Look over the challenges we've done in the past and choose one or two to try again.
  2. Slowly read the book of Philippians. It's only 4 chapters long. Take some time to read through it once (or more than once) these next 2 weeks. Write down any questions you have, important discoveries you make, or areas where you can apply what the book says to your life. 
  3. Read a chapter of proverbs every day. Fun fact: there are 31 chapters of Proverbs and several months have 31 days. So...you can read whatever book of proverbs lines up with the date. So today, March 4th you can read Proverbs 4. 
  4. Continue the disciplines of reading the bible, praying, and journaling on your own. 

As always guys, I want to hear from you. Let me know what has been helpful for you! I'm excited to see you all grow. I'm praying for you guys these next few weeks. I hope you're praying for me, too!