The Gospel of Luke - Week 3 (April 15-21)

Welcome to week 3 of Luke! Guys, we're halfway there. Even if you haven't been able to keep up with ALL of the readings so far, it's okay! Just pickup with our passage for the day. If you get spare time, go back and read or skim what you missed. Naturally, the more consistent any of us are, the better. However, I think any progress we make is good! Keep on striving to make reading God's word everyday part of your normal routine. 

Here are the readings/questions for this week:

  • Sunday, April 15 - Read Luke 11:14-54. What's the difference between hearing the word and keeping it (11:28)? Why is that so hard? 
  • Monday, April 16 - Read Luke 12:1-34. Look at verse 34 again. Where is your heart today with earthly or heavenly things?
  • Tuesday, April 17 - Read Luke 12:35-59. Read vv 35-40 again. Are you ready if Jesus came back today?
  • Wednesday, April 18 - Read Luke 13:1-30. What caught your attention most in today's reading?
  • Thursday, April 19 - Read Luke 13:31-14:24. Read vv 15-24 again. What's the lesson of this parable?
  • Friday, April 20 - Read Luke 14:25-15:32. In 15:11-32, which character are you most like?
  • Saturday, April 21 - Read Luke 16:1-17:10. Will you go to Heaven when you die? How can you be sure?

You got this! If you're able, respond to the prompt question, too. It's good if you think through your response, it's even better if you journal about it!