May - Proverbs Challenge

Summer is just around the corner! As we wrap up the school year and transition into the summer, I have a new challenge for you! 

The month of May has 31 days in it. Conveniently, the book of Proverbs has 31 chapters in it. So, every day in this month we will be reading a chapter from Proverbs (you could do this exercise with any month that has 31 days). This will make it really easy to keep up with. If you get behind and are curious to know what chapter to read, all you have to do is check the day's date! If it's May 19th, read the 19th chapter of Proverbs! 

If you get behind you can either skip to the chapter of the current day or catch up as you can. 

Throughout the month I'll be posting some suggestions or resources (videos, articles, etc) to help make this process more helpful. 

As we get started, I encourage you to keep your journal close by. The book of Proverbs is unlike most of the other books of the bible. It's genre is wisdom literature. So, it's filled of beautiful quotes, illustrations, images, and ideas you may want to write down. Use your journal to record the ideas that catch your attention, the questions that keep you focused, and the nuggets of wisdom that tug at your soul. 

Remember: let these readings become more than just another assignment to complete. This is God's word. Let the wisdom this book contains sink-in and have authority in your life. We need God's word!