Sunday Morning: Faith Labs

Recently, on Sunday mornings in the youth group, we have done our Sunday school bible class a little differently. I’ve been developing an idea to make our class time more of a hands-on “laboratory” of exploring faith and personal discipleship. Basically instead of just teaching by lecture/discussion I’m trying to demonstrate/encourage techniques/disciplines students can use (anytime, but especially throughout the rest of the week) to help themselves grow in their faith.

To help make these labs more effective, it’s time for us to gather the right tools. Can you work on gathering these supplies?

  1. Binder - any 3 ring binder will do. Probably a smaller one is great. This will be to keep track of the exercises we go through so they can be referenced later.

  2. Journal - I prefer a nicer moleskin journal, but this could be a spiral notebook, a composition book, etc. These journals are just for students to write in. I won’t be reading them. However, I strongly encourage the practice of using them.

  3. Study Bible - Study Bibles are incredible tools for helping anyone understand the context, meaning, and application of the Bible. I purchased several Student Study Bibles for the youth group. If you would like one you can buy them (at cost) from me. I got two basic types of study bible the ESV Student Study Bible (in a variety of bindings) and the CSB Student Apologetics Study Bible. If you buy the bibles from me they are either $15 or $25 depending on binding type.

As always, let me know if you have any questions. I’m really excited about this!