Growth Challenge Introduction and First Assignment!

What's up Growth Challenge peeps?! I'm so excited you've decided to take the next step in growing in your faith. I'm looking forward to seeing each of you grow. Throughout this semester, we'll change up what we do, but everything we do will be some sort of "spiritual practice" that helps us grow closer to God. Also, I hope by joining us in doing these exercises you will learn how to take care of your faith for yourself. 

Are you ready for your first assignment?!? On Sunday, January 28th we will start a short, 10-day reading plan. I'll give you more details on that soon. Before we start, I want us to gather a couple of resources. So here's your homework: before Sunday find a Bible and a journal/notebook for you to use throughout the growth challenge.

As we go through that 10-day reading plan I want you to get used to writing in a journal about your experience. Each day, try and answer this simple question: How should I respond to the Bible passage I read today? (Here's another way to phrase that question: Now that I've read this passage, what should I do differently in my life?). This journal is just for you. Unless you want to share it with me (or anyone else), it's for your eyes only. 

You need a Bible and a journal. You can either use "real" (printed) Bible and journal or electronic versions. Just decide what you're going to use now and stick with it. I like to use a real Bible and a real journal because I, for one, spend way too much time on a screen during the day. However, digital Bibles and journals work well, too.If you want to use a digital Bible, I recommend these:

If you want to use a digital journal, try Evernote (which will probably be helpful for more than just Bible study):

If you have trouble finding a Bible or a journal, please let me know. I can help you out! I'll be posting new details soon about the reading plan.