What is God up to? Are you a fit to be the preaching minister at the Naples (Texas) Church of Christ?

We are a young and growing congregation in a family-friendly small town. God has blessed us with a rich mission field in the children and youth of our community. Our congregation works towards reaching and ministering to these young people (who are often “unchurched” and don’t attend with parents). We are searching for a preaching minister who will work alongside our church (leadership includes: elders, deacons, and full-time youth minister) to build discipling relationships, teach classes, preach weekly, and help encourage/support our congregation as we all share in the ministry to care for those in our community. 

One of the unique opportunities with this position is the possibility of ministry sharing or co-ministering along with the youth minister. We expect both our ministers to work together, as a team, in ministering to our whole church. 

This is to: 

  • Provide both ministers with teaching opportunities to develop communication skills outside of their normal audience

  • Introduce an additional mentor to the students

  • Assist the youth minister in developing rapport/visibility with the adult portion of the congregation

  • Foster teamwork between the ministers. 

Here’s what we value in a preaching minister (from most to least important):

  1. Follower of Jesus

  2. Student of God’s Word

  3. Leader in his home/family

  4. Teaching ability (or growing potential)

  5. Ministry experience

  6. Ministry education

  7. Hobbies/Interests (Youth Minister will have a bias for Nashville Predators and/or Star Wars fans. Note: He doesn’t really get much of a say, but he is the gate-keeper for résumés.)

Naples, Texas is 20 minutes from Mt. Pleasant (TX). Naples is 45 minutes - 1 hour from Texarkana (TX) or Longview(TX). Naples is 1.5 hours from Tyler (TX), Shreveport (LA), and Broken Bow (OK). We are 2-2.5 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth (TX). 

Our exiting preaching minister is pursuing a career as a teacher in a local school and will remain a supportive member of the congregation and new minister.

Applicants please submit a résumé and philosophy of ministry to Rick Grace (rickagrace@gmail.com). Thank you!